Top Trumps teams up with LucasFilm to bring Star Wars fans the ultimate Quiz!

Need some Star Wars™ entertainment before the highly anticipated launch of Rogue One? Well look no further!

Winning Moves and Lucasfilm™ are thrilled to announce the launch of their brand new Star Wars™ Top Trumps Quiz game. Fans can battle the Force and test their Star Wars™ knowledge of Jedis, Padawans, Wookiees, and more, with unforgettable moments from across the Star Wars™ Saga.

So, who is your Father? Can you answer questions about characters from Episode 4 or remember specific scenes from Episode 7: The Force Awakens? If you think you’re up to the challenge, then travel to a galaxy far, far away and see if you really are a Force to be reckoned with.

Battle it out with 500 Questions and Watch out for the Twist!

Star Wars Top Trumps Quiz comes with 500 thrilling questions to answer from all Star Wars™ films. However, the game isn’t over once you finish answering the questions - there is a twist! The cards get shuffled and dealt again to each player. Can you remember what you heard only moments before? The twist brings elements of Top Trumps game play into a Quiz format by testing your memory, and it’s perfect for those who need to brush up on their Star Wars knowledge.

Fun for avid Star Wars Fans or Fun for the Whole Family

Star Wars™ Top Trumps Quiz is perfect for any age, whether it be an avid Star Wars™ fan who remembers the first films being released, or and a modern day fan who eagerly awaited the release of Episode 7. Not only is Star Wars™ Quiz the perfect stocking filler (RRP £9.99), but it is great for the whole family, looking for some competitive fun on Christmas Day.

Brand New Design and Innovative Case

Top Trumps have come up with a brand new design for their Quiz range. The cool case opens on both sides, containing the question cards; perfect to put in the middle of the table and battle it out. The game doesn’t require loads of space, meaning you can take it and play almost everywhere!
There is no need to worry about any mess or getting the cards damaged. They all pack away into this neat case, meaning it is great for storage as well as playing on-the-go.

- 500 questions
- Age 8+
- Suitable for Star Wars fans of all levels, with questions ranging from basic to difficult

About Winning Moves

Winning Moves UK Ltd is an independently owned, London based, games company which owns and/or distributes a range of classic game brands such as Top Trumps, Regional MONOPOLY, Waddington’s Number One Playing Cards, PIT, Bananagrams and Pass the Pigs. Winning Moves is also the exclusive licensee in Europe, Middle East, Australia and Africa for limited editions of Hasbro games including MONOPOLY, Cluedo, RISK and Twister.

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