Queen Monopoly Released!

Follow in the footsteps of iconic rock band Queen in this special edition QUEEN MONOPOLY (RRP £29.99) game. Crafted with the same attention to detail as the group’s many global hit albums, this edition invites you to share in the group’s phenomenal journey from obscurity to eventual worldwide success.

Created with the full collaboration of lead guitarist Brian May and the band, QUEEN MONOPOLY features six collectible Queen tokens and bespoke ‘houses’ and ‘hotels’. The gameboard features gig venues from Queen’s career from the band’s formation in 1970, right up to the 1986 Wembley and Knebworth shows – Freddie’s last appearances.

Buy venues and charge admission. Collect the colour set and begin building staging blocks so you can charge higher prices. Upgrade to a full production when you have four staging blocks and charge the maximum admission.

Take your chances with A Kind of Magic and In the Lap of the Gods cards, which can boost your career or land you in trouble. As you play, you’ll experience life as a member of a rock band – and get an insight into touring with Queen.

Roll the dice! Roll the trucks!

Who will Rock? Who will achieve Rhapsody? Who will be the Champion?

There can be only one!

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