Top Trumps gets RETRO revival with classic packs

Immerse yourself in nostalgic glee with the ultimate game of Retro Top Trumps. Winning Moves are reviving six Retro Top Trumps titles, including Fantasy, Sports Cars, Horror and Today’s Strikers. The classic packs have all the original artwork from the 70s, 80s and 90s and showcase a newly designed clear case, that looks and opens like a cassette tape, making you feel even more nostalgic. Presented in a sophisticated Retro CDU, each pack will feature its original production date – making it the perfect gift for someone special born in the same year.

Overall, buyers have positively responded to the Retro packs. Buyer consensus has praised the general design, whilst considering the cassette style case to be an enjoyable addition to the packs. The Retro packs are definitely a hit with retailers, particularly from gift and gadget shops, leading to a larger number of pre-orders, instantly signifying the popularity of the Retro packs.

Fans of Top Trumps have already expressed they are excited to look back at the old style packs and artwork that they once owned as children. Everyone wants them and wants them now!

The range will hugely appeal to those who remember playing Top Trumps as children. Retro, vintage and nostalgic items should evoke memories of a time gone by and transport participants to a different era of gameplay. These nostalgic themes are perfect for people buying gifts for their parents, uncles, aunts, grandparents, and for those who wish to immerse themselves in all things retro.

We have lots of hot new licenses launching in 2017 across all product lines, including Top Trumps Match and Top Trumps Quiz. We are also extending the Top Trumps range, with exciting new additions such as Star Trek and Animal Jam.

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