Make Top Trumps your Travel Companion this Summer!

It's the classic game that’s been delighting kids big and small since the ‘70s, and with its compact packaging, Top Trumps makes the perfect travel companion for family entertainment on the go this summer. This year, with the introduction of Top Trumps Quiz and Top Trumps Match, there’s even more choice of holiday games for the whole family.

From fast cars, football or Star Wars, Top Trumps is the card game that brings your favourite things to life, playing against friends to find out who’s is the ultimate Top Trumps champion. So whether it's travelling by train, plane or the back of the car, or a fun distraction for kids while they take a break from the pool in the shade, there’s a Top Trumps pack for everyone.

In ‘Classic’ Top Trumps, it's all about the cards. Mini in both stature and price at only £4.99, pack-a-pack or more in your kids’ bag – choose from classics such as Wonders Of The World, Dinosaurs and Baby Animals, or hot character-led decks from your kid’s favourite film or TV Series, like Despicable Me 3, Marvel Universe and Paw Patrol.

Top Trumps fans can also have fun this summer on the go with Top Trumps Match ‘The Crazy Cube Game’ and Top Trumps Quiz ‘with a twist’, which does what it says on the pack!

Designed to fold and pack away into a neat ‘tablet’ format, Top Trumps Match was born to travel. Using cubes, this simple strategy game for aged 4+ requires players to match five of the same character in a row. Priced at £15.99 each, Disney Princess and Marvel Avengers, are great choices for young ones, as well as coming soon games Harry Potter, Star Wars, Emotis and Shopkins.

With 500 questions to answer, Top Trumps Quiz is a fun game to test all the family’s knowledge. Suitable for ages 8+, each game has a twist – to remember what you just heard to go into the next round – so even if you do not know the topic, you can still get involved and enjoy gameplay. Hot topics for the family to enjoy include Top Trumps Quiz World Of Animals, Sport and Star Wars, priced £9.99 each, plus coming soon releases WWE and Disney Classic editions.

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